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English citations of get

Verb: "to obtain, purchase or adquire"

  • 1958 April 28, “GANG LEADER'S REDEMPTION”, in LIFE, volume 44, number 17, Time Inc, →ISSN, page 76:
    I was getting a regular life, I was learning discipline, I was eating regular meals, I was living in a world where fighting and drinking were wrong.
  • 1991, Gene Stratton-Porter, The keeper of the bees, reprint edition, Indiana University Press, →ISBN, page 197:
    Then, a worker bee has got six thousand eyes of each side of its head so it can see the flowers that it wants to get the pollen and the nectar from.
  • 2010, Bonnie Gloeckner, Journeys from the Heart, AuthorHouse, →ISBN, page 107:
    But she's got another to hold her tight.
  • 2010, James F. Robinson, British Bee-Farming - Its Profits and Pleasures, READ BOOKS, →ISBN, page 158:
    He gets close beneath the stand, amongst weeds or behind some weaps of earth, [...]

Noun: "divorce"

  • 2001, Michael J. Broyde, Marriage, Divorce, and the Abandoned Wife in Jewish Law[1], KTAV, →ISBN, page 116:
    However, not all bad ideas lead to gitten that are void [pasul bede'eved] and I believe that there are many Jewish divorces issued in the shadow of the 1992 Get Law that are valid according to Jewish law.
  • 2002, Givon Zirkind, Tales of a Recalcitrant Husband and His Journeys[2], →ISBN, page 10:
    "It is not enough that Rav --------- and Rav --------- z"tl have made posul (invalidated) all gitten (the divorces) issued by M.E. ...