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English citations of give stick

  1. Abuse, insult, or denigrate.
    • 1971: John Alfred Williams & Charles F. Harris, Amistad 1, p257
      “[…] When you’re a Trinidadian Creole Brahmin, it ain’t easy for people like that to really give you stick. They just don’t know where to catch hold, see what I mean?”
    • 1985: Richard Holmes, Firing Line, p153
      There were buggers with spiked hats, lying in the fields like sheep. We gave them stick when they came on: then some bastard shot me in the head, and I went back up the road with the walking wounded.
    • 1989: Nicholas Salaman, Forces of Nature, p168
      “You’re probably right”, she sighed. “Mr Aylott always gives me stick if I get anything too nice. It goes too quickly. Still, don’t suppose it matters if we’re selling up to [COMPETITOR NAME].”
    • 2004: Stan Krasnoff, Krazy Hor: An Autobiography, p157
      Straight from the kick-off Support Company were giving us stick, their forwards were pushing us all over the paddock and within minutes came our worst-case scenario: a try close to the sticks. To the roar of the Support Company supporters and the collective groan from the Charlie Company stalwarts, the try was converted. We were down 7–6.
    • 2005: Alexander Thynn, A Degree of Instability: The Oxford Years Bk. 4, p205
      In fact he chided me at one point for informing [C] about what he had said, declaring that she had then given him stick about it.