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English citations of gobby

sense: adjective: like a gob (lump)[edit]

  • 1911, Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary:
    Oyster: A slimy, gobby shellfish which civilization gives men the hardihood to eat without removing its entrails!
  • 1931?, American Cattle Producer, volume 20(?), page 3 [1]:
    [] gasped in amazement at his poundage. Obviously he was possessed of a thick rind of fat carried in a very gobby manner.
  • 1997, Mike Darlow, Fundamentals of Woodturning, ISBN 9781565233553, page 133 [2]:
    This peg design has clarity, definition, and function. The mushroom is defined without being mean or gobby. The necking immediately to the left of the mushroom defines the mushroom, but does not look likely to snap.
  • 2001, Michael Paterniti, Driving Mr. Albert: a trip across America with Einstein's brain‎, page 136:
    What floats in the liquid looks less like a brain than a sneeze. Just gobby pieces of phlegm.

sense: adjective: marked by the presence of gobs (lumps)[edit]

  • 1898 October 1, editor's note to, F. Greiner, "Full Sheets Vs. Starters in Sections", in Gleanings in Bee Culture, volume 26, number 19, page 758 [3]:
    Over half of the combs will be finished drone, and these will be more "gobby" eating than comb honey from full sheets of worker foundation. Or, to put it another way, if we use only starters we shall have more drone than worker; and natural-built comb is less friable than worker comb from full sheets of foundation.
  • 1932, L.F. Brumfield, Capon Growing and Marketing, page 17 [4]:
    The finish will not be smooth and soft but of a gobby nature in the fluff region, which is not so desirable as when an even, smooth, soft, natural finish is obtained.
  • 1952?, The Pillar, page 134 [5]:
    He poured the Argentine stew in a gobby mess on top of the Spam.

sense: adjective: talkative/loud/impudent/...[edit]

This section may need sorting into separate senses.

  • 1889 August, "Bull-Baiting in the North", in The Monthly Chronicle of North-Country Lore and Legend, volume 3, number 30, page 51, reprinted in, page 366 [6]:
    That eccentric gentleman, Richard Chilton, who died in 1875, aged 83, used to tell how, when he was "a gobby tod"—in plain English, "a lively talkative boy"—he often was a witness to the bullbaitings, which took place in front of his father's house.
  • 1998, Angela Devlin, Invisible Women, Waterside Press, ISBN 1872870597, page 132 [7]:
    'Our job is very stressful but sometimes I think it's our own fault for allowing the women to be so demanding', a woman officer told me, deliberately slamming the wing office door in the face of a waiting prisoner as she spoke. 'The women are in your face all the time. They're very gobby.' The women maintain that they only become 'gobby' and answer back in response to the kind of verbal abuse I heard in the young offenders' wing.
  • 2000, Duncan Scott, Pete Alcock, Lynne Russell, and Ron Macmillan, Moving Pictures, The Policy Press, ISBN 1861342330, page 47 [8]
    Mary feels [] :
    Now Denise has gone [] . I also feel that to some people our friendship might have been perceived to be threatening because we're both very gobby women, and neither of us suffer fools gladly, and we're both people who are willing to take a risk. [] Now you can't have that intimacy and that gossipy situation where the real truth comes out. [] I had my fingers on the pulse much more when Denise was here than I do now.
  • 2002 September 26, Angie <>, "Re: New Rules for Newbie Clubbers (charging / interfering subs)", message-ID <amv3he$i4e$>, uk.people.bdsm, Usenet [9]:
    you still going on about that? sheeesh, old news. and just what makes you such an authority on me. do you know me personally then, do you know whats shaped the person i am now. No, you dont and that fact alone makes you no more than a sad gobby cow who knows fuck all twice.
  • 2003 February 1, "Dave Leeds" <>, "Gobby Scouser", message-ID <>,, Usenet [10]:
    Two rows in front of me was a gobby scouse tw*t who seemed to be PRs biggest fan!
    Well, lippy scouse wanker, let's be hearing you praise the liar of the century next home game.
  • 2004, Sarah Mason, Society Girls, 2005 Ballantine Books edition, ISBN 0345469577, page 52 [11]:
    Holly, if there is anyone more gobby than Clemmie, its you. So if I haven't told Clemmie then I am hardly likely to tell you.
  • 2006, Gordon Ramsay, Roasting in Hell's Kitchen, ISBN 0061191752, page 14 [12]:
    [] he was gobby, very gobby — he prided himself on telling the truth []
  • 2007, Dan Mills, Sniper One, 2008 St. Martin's Press edition, ISBN 0312531265, page 170 [13]
    Ray was a gobby little so and so. He never held back on giving you his opinion about what you were doing with a sharp bit of wit.
  • 2007, Oona King, The Oona King Diaries: House Music, Bloomsbury ISBN 0747590931, page 27 [14]:
    I found French frustrating and difficult. I can't remember exactly how I behaved, but I know I must have been a gobby upstart. So one day Madame Borelle chucked me out of the classroom, []
  • 2008 July 6, "Joe" <>, "Its official Belinda is a gobby cow", message-ID <>,, Usenet:
    I guess she speaks for those with a voice too, but she can't hear their voices as she's too busy speaking for them.
  • a. 2009, Lizzie, an otherwise anonymous year-9 student, quoted in, 2009, Yvette Solomon, Mathematical Literacy, Routledge, ISBN 0805846875, page 82 [15]:
    They're louder. They have to get it right, they have to shout it out first. They're more gobby. They have to get there first liek to prove that they're there []

sense: adjective: fat[edit]

  • (uncommon, slang, said of a person) (fat):
  • "adjective, -bi·er, -bi·est, Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S., fat"

sense: noun: blowjob[edit]

  • 2004, John Charalambous, Furies, Queensland, ISBN 0702234559, page 164 [16]:
    In year eight, crouched in a playground cubby, she gave Ryan Glover a gobby. Brief, busy, urgent. Then afterwards, slipping it back into his pants, he said thank you.
  • 2007, Joe Lewis, The Insurmountable Malaise of Man, Lulu (self-published), ISBN 9781847992444, page 278 [17]:
    He bustles me into a cubicle and locks the door.
    "I'm not really in the mood for a gobby," I slur, and laugh girlishly at my joke as I unzip my fly, "but if you insist..."
  • 2007 July 17, Gordon Lightfoot III <>, "A Question for Darkfalz (colgate total)", message-ID <>,, Usenet [18]:
    Have you seen the Colgate Total ad with the female Indian dentist? Would you let her give you a gobby? I would. She has a perdy mouth.

unclear sense[edit]

  • 1922 September, Berton Braley, Sonnets of a Flapper, sonnet 12, in Cosmopolitan, volume 73, number 3, page 38 [19]:
    He tried to kiss me, just inside the door,
    And when I wouldn't pet and wouldn't drink
    He said to me: "Say sister, where's your pep?
    You told me once I was a gobby gink
    Because I told you you should watch your step,
    But now that I've grown speedy, more or less,
    You act as if I were an Awful Mess!"
  • 1994 April 29, Jim Hill <>, "The ADA (not the teeth folk)", message-ID <2ps4oq$>, alt.peeves, Usenet [20]:
    1 in 5 Americans has some kind of disability. Bullshit. The only way you can possibly obtain such a high fraction is to use bullshit definitions of disabilities.
    Like AIDS. []
    Like gambling addiction. []
    Like being a gobby fatass. I'm a gobby fatass. I eat those tasty little oversalted fatpatties from fast food joints. How the hell can some 500-lb. lardo claim to be disabled when she can't squeeze her lipoidal self into a movie theater seat?
  • 1999, Heather Ross Miller, Champeen, page 193:
    Her eyes nearly disappeared in her gobby face with the effort, like two buttonholes sewn together. She bubbled out cheerily, "We need one your size. Man size!"
  • 2001, Mark Busby, Fort Benning Blues, ISBN 0875652387, pages 71–72 [21]:
    Donaldson sat in the dark at the table where the officers usually sat. In front of him were five or six empty candy bar wrappers and several unopened Butterfingers and Baby Ruths. []
    "Sir, Candidate Donaldson. I'm sorry, sir. I just got hungry. I promise you it will never happen again."
    "Oh, you don't need to promise me that, Former Candidate Donaldson. I know it won't happen again. I'm just not sure what is the appropriate punishment for a gobby fat piece of shit that causes me to have to get up in the middle of the night and leave my warm bed. [] "
  • "adjective, -bi·er, -bi·est, Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S., fat"
  • 2001, Judy Upton, Sliding with Suzanne,[22] Methuen, ISBN 9780413769701:
    I had to go crawling 'round all her stupid friends, and ex-boyfriends, then I see Vicky, the gobby cow who says 'Uh, she's gone to her mum's.'
  • 2002, Niall Griffiths, Kelly + Victor‎,[23] Jonathan Cape (publisher), ISBN 9780224061667, page 122:
    —That job’s still ongoing, from what I’ve heard. Behind schedule, like. In fact ther still advertising for workers. An ther layin people off, yer say? Unusual.
    I say nothing. Just give me the forms, Tyrone, you gobby fuckin bastard. Just give me the fuckin forms an let me go back to the pub.
  • 2006, Angelo Kafuna, Killing Saantinni, Grosvenor House Publishing, ISBN 978-1-905529-02-5, page 16:
    Whilst in his head he is pissing himself and saying, Yeah, like fuck we will you fat bastard. [] your lard ass [] I hope you get suspended ‘til the end of the season you gobby bastard. []