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English citations of graduated

1859 1888
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  • 1859, G. Poulett Scrope, “On the Mode of Formation of Volcanic Cones and Craters”, in Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, v 15, Geological Society of London, p 517:
    In the case of the larger volcanic mountains, if we suppose them the product of repeated eruptions, a graduated slope towards the base must necessarily have been occasioned, not only by longer exposure to the agents of degradation, but still more by the accumulation of the lavas and scoriæ emitted from lateral vents on the lower flanks of the mountain. Indeed, M. de Beaumont, by admitting the many hundred parasitic cones of Etna and their lava-streams to be eruptive, himself accounts, on the theory of accumulation, not of upheaval, for the graduated slope of the mountain as a whole into the plain around.
  • 1888, Joseph Stevens, A Parochial History of St. Mary Bourne, with an Account of the Manor of Hurstbourne Priors, Hants, London: Whiting and Co., p 17:
    The graduated slope of the Upper Test Valley on the east, and its more abrupt embankment on the west, under which the present stream tends to cling, point clearly to river action.