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English citations of grognard

Noun: wargamer[edit]

  • 1999, Michael (username), “How to recognize a grognard? :-)”, in on Usenet:
    When will I know that I've turned into a Grognard? What games are considered Grognard games?

2003, Mark H. Walker, Games that Sell!:

I'm an old-time grognard and still prefer the old pen-and-paper monster games over computer games.

2006, Will Kaufman, The Civil War in American Culture:

... supported by an industry of grognard-designers who have turned the Civil War battlefield into an 'audiovisual diegetic space' —that is, an on-screen ...


This appears to be an adjectival sense.

2003, Katie Salen, Eric Zimmerman, Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals:

So are so-called "hardcore gamers," from grognard historical wargamers to deathmatch clan leaders with tricked-out custom PCs. In general, dedicated players ...