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English citations of halterini

2002 2003
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  • 2002 — Lesley Kennedy, "The Skin Crowd", Rocky Mountain News, 23 May 2002:
    "But any 'ini' - the tankini, halterini or bandini - are all really important," she says.
  • 2003 — "Poolside", Newsweek, 25 May 2003:
    OK, so we just made up the word "halterini." Still, a halter-topped bikini provides coverage and support without sacrificing style.
  • 2003 — "A Day on the Delta", The Sacramento Bee, 12 June 2003:
    With swimsuits, Rice pairs the top from a tankini and the newest suit, the "halterini," with white cropped pants and a lightweight shawl.