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English citations of hella

Adverb: intensifier, very[edit]

  1. 1998 -- South Park -- "Spookyfish"
    Cartman uses the word "hella" repeatedly, and his friends keep yelling at him to stop.
  2. 2001 -- Bad Boys: Public Schools in the Making of Black Masculinity by Ann Arnett Ferguson (page 140) [1]
    My freedom had been ripped away from me for twelve hours.
    With four other women
    with a bunk bed
    (the mattress way maybe a inch
    as thick as that table
    with a wool blanket that woulnd't even cover my feet)
    on a steel bunk
    the windows all the way up to the ceiling
    you couldn't
    see outside
    and it was hella cold in that cell.

A great many[edit]

  1. 2000 -- The 2nd Second by Leonardo DeSanctis (page 124)
    We spent the fourth of July in San Francisco hanging out on the Haight and watching the fireworks in Golden Gate Park. There were hella people.
  2. 2004 -- Da Joka by Timesha Fulton
    "...we saw all those different kinds of bongs and shit in the window." "Oh Yeah! I remember like Alice in Wonderland right. What that caterpillar was smoking with. Remember we saw one of those too? Where hella people can all smoke at once."