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English citations of heroinware

Noun: "(computing, slang) an addictive computer game, especially one played to the extent it interferes with the everyday life of the player"[edit]

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  • 1994Jerry Pournelle, "The annual Orchid and Onion Parade issues forth from Chaos Manor", Byte, April 1994:
    Doom, like Castle Wolfenstein, is shareware, sort of: that is, you can download the first installment from most BBSes and run it for free. Register that, and you'll get more episodes. (Call it "heroinware"—the first dose is free....)
  • 2002 — "You will be like God, knowing good and bad, Eve was promised", Observer-Reporter, 7 July 2002:
    Online multiplayer games have proven so addictive to some players that they've earned the nickname "heroinware."
  • 2003David McCandless, "Just one more go…", The Guardian, 3 April 2003:
    Luckily, Jaffe found refuge and eventual salvation with On-Line Gamers Anonymous, one of several online self-help groups that have sprung up to deal with the fallout from electronic entertainment they call heroinware. Its forums are swollen with refugees of various online worlds, all with harrowing stories of runaway gaming habits, lives ruined, friends lost, marriages broken.
  • 2007 — Michelle Ferrier, "Lost in the Game", The Daytona Beach News-Journal, 24 April 2007:
    Players call the games "heroinware" and one game is nicknamed "EverCrack" in the online world.
  • 2008 — "Recognize Internet addiction as a mental illness, MD urges", The Ottawa Citizen, 17 March 2008:
    Addicts may be addicted to everything from the sheer act of typing, to chat rooms, online shopping or three-dimensional, multiplayer games users have described as "heroinware."