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English citations of highbie

Noun: "(gaming) a high-level character in an MMORPG"[edit]

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  • 1996 November 16, Chuck Foster, “Weekly rec.arts.drwho stats (16 Nov)”, in rec.arts.drwho, Usenet[1]:
    He's back! And its about SAD! Suddenly everything changes as the highbies of last week disappear rapidly downward. In fact, last week's number one does not feature at all!
  • 1997 June 23, Jay Moretz, “Re: Retromud”, in, Usenet[2]:
    We all believe, however, that in order to enjoy the MUD, new players should advance on their own, and not just dragged around behind a highbie and handed Exp.
  • 1998 June 9, Arlie Stephens, “Re: Botting and Autoplaying”, in, Usenet[3]:
    [] and since everyone knows what they did, the players give them all the respect *they* believe a 'botter deserves. (I.e. they aren't a "real" highbie in the eyes of their peers.)
  • 1998 October 6, Osku Salerma, “Two weapon combat, gamma 8 was FUN, and more”, in, Usenet[4]:
    Lets calculate how this would affect highbies.
  • 1998 December 12, Gourry31 [username], “Re: Ick”, in dejanews.comm.retromud, Usenet[5]:
    [] but not every caster is a tele and sometimes you are just stuck without one (happens to everyone..including highbies :))
  • 1999 March 31, EATpikachu [username], “Re: Pokémon Simming Game”, in, Usenet[6]:
    All the "highbies" (AOL phrase, sorry) would gang up on all the people they didn't know-- the newbies.
  • 1999 July 6, trescami [username], “Re: - Critical Mass?”, in alt.mud, Usenet[7]:
    Highbies may be in the middle of something and thus not able to help even though they are newbie helpers.
  • 2001 May 1, Richard Burge, “Re: Money making with tailoring”, in, Usenet[8]:
    Backpacks go to high levels who want to replace their crappy 6 and 8 slot containers - if you are too low level to auction where they hunt, try somewhere like EC tunnel where many highbies stop by to off load their wares.
  • 2001 September 5, Silverlock [username], “Re: Why trivial loot code sucks mister Harmon.”, in, Usenet[9]:
    A lowbie always has access to highbie stuff simply by leveling up, but highbies are purposely restricted from this content.
  • 2004 November 3, Marcel Beaudoin, “Re: For me, City of Heroes is more fun.”, in, Usenet[10]:
    I can't count the number of times that I have been in a fight, and some anonymous highbie runs by, throws a bubble/heal/buff on the group and keeps on going.
  • 2006 January 24, Lehl [username], “Re: Have your guilds 'branched out'?”, in, Usenet[11]:
    Apparently, their lowbies are now in one of the guilds, and the highbies all migrated to the other guild.
  • 2011 — Lauren McLaughlin, Scored, Random House Children's Books (2011), →ISBN, page 3:
    The score was "the great equalizer," and Imani knew that as a "highbie" she was poised to benefit at the highest level.