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English citations of hisown


  • 1684, The Holy Bible: containing the Old Testament and the New; newly translated out of the original tongues: and with the former translations diligently compared and revised[1], London, Proverbs, chapter 26, verse 12:
    Seeſt thou a man wiſe in hisown conceit?
  • 1807, "The History of Europe", in The Annual Register: or, a view of the history, politics, and literature, for the year 1797, second edition, London, page 16 and 183:
    The situation of the pope, deprived of all hope of assistance from any quarter, and relinquished even by hisown people, left him no other expedient to save himself, and the Roman see, from absolute ruin, than [] .
    [] had, also, his own projects, hisown adventures, hisown schemes of fortification, and hisown sources of expence; []
  • 1834 January 18, The New-York Christian Messenger, and Philadelphia Universalist, volume 3, number 12, reprinted in, 1834, The New-York Christian Messenger, and Philadelphia Universalist, volume 3, New York, page 91[2]:
    And now the traitor also is having a trial—not before the Jewish Sanhedrim, but at a different and far more impartial tribunal—the bar of hisown conscience.


  • 1993 May 23, "MJH" (username), Luke a Jedi??, in rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc, Usenet:
    So Luke learned on hisown the fight and control technigues he needed from ESB to ROTJ.
  • 2001 June 10, "kermit" (username), Data's Sexuality, in alt.startrek, Usenet:
    furthermore, as Sougnn made data in hisown image, data's child created-in-hisown-image was a female.
  • 2002 May 22, "Angelus" (username), Simon 3D: chapter 5, in, Usenet:
    How do I distract the devil, so the dwarf can use hisown hammer.
  • 2009 February 6-7, "Poor Eli Grabmen is a Real Psychopath! LOL" (username), Psycho Grabmen hisown worst enemy! LOL in talk.politics.mideast /, Usenet