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English citations of home front

  • 1918, Punch, v 154, March 13, London, pp 89, 162:
    [title, p 89] The Home Front and the Peace Offensive
    [title, p 162] Letters from the Home Front
  • 1919, Punch, Mr. Punch's History of the Great War, p 19:
    The trials of mistresses on the home front are happily described in the reply of a child to a small visitor who inquired after her mother. “Thank you, poor mummie's a bit below herself this morning—what with the cook and the Kaiser.”
  • 1919, Michigan History Magazine, v 3, p 321:
    This work is designed to cover not only the distinctly military and naval history but all important civilian activities in the great army of the “home front.” Special attention will be given to the working of the selective drafts, the conservation activities, the financing of the war, the suppression of enemy propaganda and the maintenance of public morale, life at the camps and training fields, and the work of the many organizations of civilians which helped to win the war.
  • 1919, W.E. Collinson, “German ‘War-Words’” in Modern Language Review, v 14, p 93:
    [glossary] the home front, die innere Front, die Heimatfront, das Hinterland.