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English citations of horse cock

Noun: "(vulgar, slang) a very large penis"[edit]

1962 2005 2009 2010
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  • 1962 — Henry Miller, Sexus, Grove Press (1987), ISBN 0802151809, page 184:
    Well, if anybody had a big cock it was Bill Woodruff. It was a veritable horse cock.
  • 2005 — K. Sean Harris, Erotic Jamaican Tales, Book Fetish (2005), ISBN 9786107033 Invalid ISBN, page 72:
    Despite her initial fear, her pussy was getting wetter by the second, excited at the prospect of being penetrated by Trevor's horse cock.
  • 2009 — Bob Archman, Clydesdale Goes to a Hunt, The Nazca Plains Corporation (2009), ISBN 9781935509356, page 154:
    He possessed a horse cock too.
  • 2010 — Wayne Mansfield, "Night in Hell", in Homo Thugs (ed. Shane Allison), STARbooks Press (2010), ISBN 9781934187791, page 195:
    Sharp bolts of pain radiated out from my sphincter, stretched taut by the immense circumference of Jake's horse cock.

Noun: "(slang, chiefly military) sausage such as baloney or salami"[edit]

2004 2005 2010
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  • 2004 — Lewis M. Andrews, Tempest, Fire & Foe: Destroyer Escorts in World War II and the Men Who Manned Them, Trafford Publishing (2004), ISBN 1412021588, page 50:
    Those who served on the Mediterranean convoys may remember that we had to carry food for the round trip, and the last 1000-2000 miles were a steady diet of baloney. We felt "horse cock" was good enough for prisoners too, especially those who ordered "Fire!" on our ships.
  • 2004 — William E. Gardner, Hell Week, Trafford Publishing (2004), ISBN 1412017254, pag 81:
    I don't remember what we had to drink, but I will never forget what was in the box lunches, horse cock and mustard sandwiches.
  • 2005 — Clark G. Reynolds, On the Warpath in the Pacific: Admiral Jocko Clark and the Fast Carriers, Naval Institute Press (2005), ISBN 1591147166, page 259:
    "Horse cock sandwich," came the reply (actually spam or baloney).
  • 2010 — Alex Deborgorski, King of the Road, Penguin (2010), ISBN 9780670065141, unnumbered pages:
    "Well, sit down, I'll fry up some horse cock."
    I'd never heard of a foodstuff called horse cock, but I was willing to try it.
    It turned out to be a roll of baloney, about three inches wide and two feet long.

Noun: "(slang) nonsense, bullshit"[edit]

1925 1989 2003 2006
ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 1925 — Ernest Hemingway, letter to Harold Loeb dated 5 January 1925, quoted in Kenneth Schuyler Lynn, Hemingway, Harvard University Press (1995; first published 1987), ISBN 0674387325, page 266:
    Don said it was all horse cock except they didn't want to lead off with a book of short stories no matter whether good or not.
  • 1989 — Don Robertson, The Ideal, Genuine Man, Signet (1989), page 23:
    What a lot of horse cock everything was.
  • 2003 — Richard Killblane & Jack McNiece, The Filthy Thirteen: From the Dustbowl to Hitler's Eagle's Nest: The 101st Airborne's Most Legendary Squad of Combat Paratroopers, Casemate (2010), ISBN 9781932033120, page 68:
    I said, "I'm not real sure I am interested in listening to that horse cock."
  • 2006 January 17, Moog [username], “Re: A bit of a rant from the Championship”, in, Usenet[1]:
    This is why this guy's rant is horse cock. He simply doesn't know how most Chelsea or United fans feel and makes an absurd comment about meeting some United fans on the M1 on their way back to Somerset.