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English citations of hot beef injection

Noun: "(slang, vulgar) sexual intercourse"[edit]

1971 1974 1975 1986 1995 1996 1999 2000 2002 2003 2005 2006 2007 2010 2011
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  • 1971Jim Harrison, Wolf: A False Memoir, Flamingo (1993), ISBN 9780586091951, page 78:
    After she had a snack of poached broccoli lashed with native crude oil her large eyes would darken, dart to my silk bell bottoms wondering if I were ready to administer the hot beef injection.
  • 1974Donn Pearce, Dying in the Sun, Charterhouse (1974), ISBN 9780883270325, page 85:
    That girl didn't need a psychiatrist. All she needed was a hot beef injection.
  • 1975R. M. Koster, The Dissertation, Harper's Magazine Press (1975), ISBN 9780061250507, page 290:
    There he scored the faulty grammar in the stories of the plain and stimulated the talents of the pretty with hot beef injections.
  • 1986Rex Reed, Personal Effects, Charter Books (1987), ISBN 9780441662203, page 250:
    [] I'm fucking dying of rejection here and King's laid up in some Italian villa giving that cow hot beef injections!"
  • 1995Thomas McGuane, Panama, Vintage Books (1995), ISBN 9780679752912, page 23:
    I thought to offer her a number of things — silence, love, friendship, departure, a hot beef injection, shining secrets, a tit for a tat, courtesy, a sensible house pet, a raison d'etre, or a cup of coffee.
  • 1995Howard Stern, Miss America, HarperCollins (1996), page 177:
    Maybe they were inviting me because they knew I couldn't go, but I think they might have wanted my hot beef injection.
  • 1996Stephen J. Cannell, Final Victim, Avon Books (1997), ISBN 0380728168, page 59:
    His preferred customer was any hardcase who thought it might be fun to grab him and give him a hot beef injection in the "trick bunk" located in the back of the C Block.
  • 1999 — Jack Heifner, Boys' Play: A Play in One Act, Dramatic Publishing (1999), ISBN 0871299070, page 21:
    Maybe her new boyfriend had just been over and given her a hot beef injection.
  • 1999 — Chris McKinley, The Tattoo, Soho Press (2006), ISBN 9781569474501, unnumbered page:
    "Wanted your hot beef injection," Kaika said.
  • 2000Kaylie Jones, Celeste Ascending, Perennial (2001), ISBN 0060193255, page 202:
    "I don't know, I think she could use Doctor Branko's hot beef injection," he'd say with a smile.
  • 2002 — Christopher S. Morrill, The Good, the Bad, and the Undead, Writers Press Club (2002), ISBN 0595261450, page 202:
    "You want to take her upstairs? Give her a little hot beef injection? I can arrange that."
  • 2002 — Jonathan Tichenal, The Royal Theater, Writers Press Club (2002), ISBN 059526204X, page 12:
    "Don't give me that crap! I want my hot beef injection! I don't care how much it costs!"
  • 2003 — Duane Williams, "The Sea in His Ass", in Latin Boys (ed. David Laurents), STARBooks Press (2003), ISBN 9781891855313, page 93:
    I wanted to get Javier ready for the hot beef injection I was going to give him soon.
  • 2005David Buss, The Murderer Next Door: Why the Mind Is Designed to Kill, Penguin Press (2005), ISBN 9781594200434, page 160:
    If I would have kept giving his girlfriend the hot beef injection.
  • 2005 — Elizabeth Harbison, Diary of a Domestic Goddess, Silhouette Books (2005), ISBN 9781459222083, unnumbered page:
    She was jostled when someone shouted something about hot beef injections and shoved the taco guy against her, sending her slamming hard against Cal's chest.
  • 2006 — Adrienne Maria Vrettos, Skin, Simon Pulse (2006), ISBN 9781416906551, page 128:
    "Rio slipped me the hot beef injection."
  • 2007 — Bill Bryan, Keep It Real, Bleak House Books (2007), ISBN 9781932557312, page 142:
    By way of gratitude, I resumed my drunken lesbo-baiting, cracking myself up by telling her that the best cure for any illness was a hot beef injection.
  • 2010 — Erin Downing, Kiss It, Simon Pulse (2010), ISBN 9781416997009, page 58:
    "Hot beef injection," I beamed. "Horizontal hula. Mattress dancing. I could go on all day."
  • 2010 — Matt Rauscher, The Unborn Spouse Situation, Lethe Press (2010), ISBN 1590211278, page 179:
    "Like, Victor gave her the hot beef injection."
  • 2011 — Star Jones, Satan's Sisters, Gallery Books (2011), ISBN 9781439193006, page 113:
    "Ever the doctor, right? So I guess that means the doctor is prescribing a big, fat penis for Miss Stein? Take two hot beef injections and call me in the morning!"
  • 2011 — Christopher Poole, Renaissance Killer, AuthorHouse (2011), ISBN 9781434364487, page 17:
    The ever increasing visibility of fudge-packers ({…}} sparked a backlash amongst anti-gays, and this included right-thinking Catholics, for the Bible cited that hot beef injections between dudes was a strict no-no.