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English citations of hump dumpling

Noun: "(slang, derogatory) a child"[edit]

2003 2004 2005
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  • 2003 May 5, Shashay Doofray, “Re: More kids or more money?”, in, Usenet[1]:
    In other words, if you aren't crazy about the idea of popping out another hump dumpling, why bother with the expense and headaches of doing so?
  • 2003 October 5, Kari Levstik, “Speaking of CF Hotels and B & B's”, in, Usenet[2]:
    You do NOT have the right to allow your hump dumplings to roam unattended in any public place.
  • 2004 August 12, Gallilea [username], “Re: I waive my right to materntity benefit (Was: News: Moo Weeps When Told To Delete Sprog)”, in, Usenet[3]:
    Those of us who will never leave an employer high and dry because we went off to squeeze out a hump dumpling should be protected from that bias.
  • 2005 August 6, Robert Fernandez, “Poor breeders can't afford a house”, in talk.politics.guns et al., Usenet[4]:
    Why they didn't think about this a year ago before they created hump dumpling number 3 wasn't discussed.