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English citations of hydrogen

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  • 1835 - Edward Turner, Elements of Chemistry: Including the Recent Discoveries and Doctrines of the Science
    Water is the sole product of the combustion of hydrogen gas. For this important fact we are indebted to Mr. Cavendish. He demonstrated it by burning oxygen and hydrogen gases in a dry glass vessel ; when a quantity of pure water was generated, exactly equal in weight to that of the gases which had disappeared.
  • 1845 - Theodore Dwight, American Penny Magazine, and Family Newspaper
    Charles was the first to send up a hydrogen balloon, 12 feet in diameter, which rose 3,123 feet, disappeared in the clouds, and fell at the distance of 15 miles
  • 1863 - William Thomas Brande, Alfred Swaine Taylor, Chemistry
    The hydrogen liberated by the electrolysis of water from platinum surfaces may, when dried, be considered as absolutely pure.
  • 1991 - Stanley E. Spangler, Force and accommodation in world politics
    These actions included the decisions to build the hydrogen bomb, to maintain American troops in Japan after the formal occupation was over, . . .
  • 1962 - P.J. & B. Durrant, Introduction to Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
    Hydrogen is a gas in normal conditions.
    Solid hydrogen has a hexagonal close-packed structure.
    The chemistry of hydrogen is unique. The atom consists of a proton and one electron in the 1s shell.
    Hydrogen is a characteristically non-metallic element which shows no electropositive properties.
    Hydrogen forms binary compounds with many elements.
  • 2005 - Roberto C. Villas Bôas et. al., A Review on Indicators of Sustainability for the Minerals Extraction Industries
    To this end the Department of Science and Technology has identified the hydrogen economy and related fuel cell technologies as a "Frontier Science and Technology Area" . . .