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English citations of inaccrochable

  • 1964, Hemingway, Ernest, quoting Gertrude Stein, A Moveable Feast, Scribner, LCCN 64015441, page 15:
    But it is inaccrochable. That means it is like a picture that a painter paints and then he cannot hang it when he has a show and nobody will buy it because they cannot hang it either.
  • 1997, Davenport, Guy, Da Vinci's Bicycle: Ten Stories, ↑ISBN, LCCN 78020513, OL 4731929M, page 93:
    Picasso sees all and will paint all in time, even the inaccrochable, wait and see, that was next you could be sure.
  • 2005, Crowley, Patrick; Hegarty, Paul, editors, Formless: Ways In And Out of Form, Oxford; New York: Peter Lang, ↑ISBN, LCCN 2005040924, OL 9446363M, page 146:
    Bataille's playing with the heretofore inaccrochable scatological, Warhol's experimentation with urine and pigment are obvious examples, no less useful because (ironically) predictable...
  • 2008 September 15, McDonald, Craig, Toros & Torsos[1], Madison: Bleak House Books, ↑ISBN, LCCN 2011284425, OL 23098611M, page 245:
    "Inaccrochable" Hector caught himself whispering. "Yes, you can see why these are hung in my most private area," Mrs. Marshall said, taking Hector's arm again.