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English citations of ineptocracy

Noun: "(pejorative) a government characterized by incompetent leaders"[edit]

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  • 2001 — "Argentina's mistake was to think there was a shortcut to economic reform", The Independent, 21 December 2001:
    Not for nothing do its critics call President de la Rua's regime an "ineptocracy".
  • 2006 — Patrick McGuinness, "Paving over the.", The Western Mail, 8 April 2006:
    As anyone who has lived here even a short a time knows: it's not the crachach that run the show, but a one-party ineptocracy fast running out of people to blame.
  • 2007 — Phillip Nifield, "Call to cut council bosses' wages", South Wales Echo, 31 August 2007:
    "Cardiff council operates a 'no can do culture' and morale among general staff is low. The council operates as a private club, with the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Conservatives all too happy to perpetuate an ineptocracy."
  • 2011Christopher Merrill, The Tree of the Doves: Ceremony, Expeditions, War, Milkweed Editions (2011), ↑ISBN, page 46:
    "People like to talk about a neoconservative cabal in the White House," he said, referring to the chief architects of the Iraq War, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz. "But what you really have is an ineptocracy: these people can't do anything right."
  • 2012Andrés Oppenheimer, "Ineptocracies plague Latin America", The Sacramento Bee, 26 March 2012:
    I asked him what he'd recommend to make Latin America's ineptocracies more efficient in fighting crime, providing better education, or offering good public services.

Noun: "(pejorative) the phenomenon of governance or leadership by the incompetent"[edit]

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ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 1992 August 20, Dian De Sha, “Re: ---istocracy ???”, in alt.usage.english, Usenet[1]:
    >Kakistocracy is governance by the worst. I take this to mean the most
    >evil, degraded, despicable, or the like. What is the form of
    >governance that is by the least able or in the
    >administration of a this also kakistocracy?
  • 2011 — Richard Fry, "Another case of inept action by highways", Wells Journal, 17 November 2011:
    The road users should at least get some benefit from this waste, another case of Somerset Highways showing ineptocracy.
  • 2012 — Mary Pat Boian, "Occupy ineptocracy, Lovely County Citizen, 18 January 2012:
    If occupy protesters are defined as part of the ineptocracy, you can bet they weren't the ones who wrote the definition.
  • 2012 — Neville Park, "Natural heir to Blair", Wells Journal, 1 March 2012:
    Certainly under Mr Cameron, with not a little help from Mr Clegg, ineptocracy is alive and well.