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English citations of influenze

1916 1918 1919 1920
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  • 1845, Encyclopaedia Metropolitana: or Universal dictionary of knowledge, volume 7, page 811:
    [] observed in the progress of the various influenze which have so frequently and so extensively affected the world.
  • 1916, W. J. Goodhue, Report of the President of the Board of Health of the Territory of Hawaii for the Twelve Months Ended June 30, 1916[1], page 65:
    I have to record a severe epidemic of influenze, affecting lepers and kokuas alike, the duration of which was three months, during which I have record of three hundred and twenty‐one cases.
  • 1918, Ludvig A. Brustad, Proceedings of the First Annual Convention of The Central Society of Physical Therapeutists[2], page 222:
    One had no symptoms of exophthalmic goitre, but after an attack of influenze last year she developed all the symptoms except the exophthalmos, being the only case of the formes frustes that I have ever encountered.
  • 1919, Charles V. Craster, Journal of The Medical Society of New Jersey[3], page 75:
    The combined mortality from influenze and pneumonia appears to have been 6.8 per cent. of the reported cases.
  • 1920, author uncertain, The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease[4], page 379:
    The question which arose was: Is there a casual relation between adrenal disfunction and the characteristic symptoms of influenza. The evidence on which the authors base their answer maybe be summarized as follows: Pathological : Of 70 necropsies on patients dead of influenze six showed hypoplasia and one atrophy of the adrenal bodies.