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English citations of irreparate

  • 1951: Saturday Review, volume 34, issue 2, page 46 (Saturday Review Associates)
    Unregulated expansion into a region meant by nature to be range country did serious, often irreparate, damage to the land.
  • 1964: Congressional Serial Set, page 873 (United States Government Printing Office)
    It is with a feeling of real affliction that we heard of the tragical and irreparate loss of President Kennedy.
  • 1971: American Law Reports. ALR 3d: Cases and Annotations, volume 38, page 1,582
    Teacher’s union, seeking judicial declaration that public meeting law did not apply to grievance arbitration hearings conducted by union and school board pursuant to agreement, a properly denied preliminary injunction was sought against newspaper representee where court noted its belief that private arguments by public bodies could not be used to circumvent public meeting law but based its ruling on trial court’s finding of no irreparate injury.

Latin citations of irreparate

  • Nellie Neilson [ed.], A Terrier of Fleet, Lincolnshire, from a Manuscript in the British Museum, page lviii
    Add. MSS. 35296, f. 257 (17 Edw. II): ‘Et quia plures perticate predictorum fossatorum fracte sunt et irreparate pro eo quod terre pro quibus ille perticate agistate fuerunt tempore antiquo sunt distracte et in manibus extraneis collate; ideo oportet de necessario quod omnes terre predicte villate de novo admensurentur et post dictam mensuracionem quemlibet separatim onerari secundum quod possidet in loco graui vel non graui.’
  • The Publications of the Lincoln Record Society, volume 14, page 195 (1918 publication; Lincoln Record Society)
    Idem magister Johannes domum mansionis sue infra clausum Leycestrie et mansum rectorie sue de Wyggestone dimittit irreparate et fere ad terram […]
  • Charles Derek Ross and Mary Devine [eds.], The Cartulary of Cirencester Abbey, Gloucestershire, volume 2, page 392 (1964 publication; Oxford University Press)
    Et si forte dicte domus aliquo tali casu per incuriam dicti Stephani vel heredum suorum irreparate jacuerint nichilominus redditum nostrum fideliter persolvet.