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English citations of its

Possessive pronoun: general[edit]

1914 1975 1984 2007 2015
ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 1914 — Rt Rev Alexander McDonald, "When does the Soul enter the Body?" The American ecclesiastical review Vol.L (X new series) No.1 p.16 (January 1914):
    The business of the soul is not to build a house but to dwell in it. ... Not its to plan the tenement of clay, or carry the plan into effect; not its to devise and execute; its only to use the dwelling-place provided, enlarge it on the original lines, conserve it.
  • 1975 — Daniel Dervin, Bernard Shaw: a psychological study, Bucknell University Press, p.300:
    He tried to overcome this by bringing reality over to his side, making it conform to his model rather than he to its.
  • 1984Iain Banks, The Wasp Factory, Chapter 2:
    I was still shaking, so I couldn't tell if the vibrations the body made were its or mine.
  • 2007 — Ian Austen, "Canadian Court Opens Up eBay Data to Tax Agency", New York Times, October 1, 2007:
    EBay Canada argued in court that the data sought by tax collectors was not its to give.
  • 2015 — Dirk Forrister, "Letters to the editor: Green technologies" The Economist, December 19, 2015:
    China is implementing an economy- wide cap-and-trade system, the European Union is strengthening its, Canadian provinces and American states are building a market jurisdiction by jurisdiction and South Africa is implementing a modest carbon tax.

Possessive pronoun: double possessive[edit]

1645 1889 1917
ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.

Possessive adjective[edit]

ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.