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English citations of jefe

  1. (officer with political influence):
    • 1917, Harry Alverson Franck, Vagabonding Down the Andes: Being the Narrative of a Journey Chiefly Afoot from Panama to Beunos Aires, pages 119-120, The Century Co. (1920)
      We were asked to keep an eye out also for one Francisco Fabra, ...proposing marriage to one of the jefe’s sisters, but who had dropped out of sight upon receipt of her photograph.
    • 1933 William McFee, No Castles in Spain, page 227, Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc.
      “Well, perhaps a message,” I said. “Perhaps from the jefe civil about a little fiesta.”
    • 1982 April, W. Dirk Raat, Mexico: From Independence to Revolution, 1810-1910, University of Nebraska Press
      the jefes are usually, with no more questions, the political friends of the governors
    • 2005 February, Michael Archer, Firestorm, page 271, Firebomber Publications
      Gregorio thought for a moment, then said, “I think I will buy a big villa, like jefe has, close to the capital”.
  2. (boss of an organization):
    • 2004 June, Ned Crouch, Mexicans and Americans: Cracking the Cultural Code, page 95, Nicholas Brealey Publishing
      If the jefe is American, this can best be achieved by appreciating the talents Mexicans have.... The jefe is there, inspecting and counting pieces