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English citations of jetiquette

Noun: "the standard of acceptable behavior to be observed by passengers of an airplane"[edit]

1973 1985 1995 1999 2002 2006 2007 2010
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  • 1973Peg Bracken, But I Wouldn't Have Missed It for the World!: The Pleasures and Perils of an Unseasoned Traveler, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (1973), ISBN 9780151149841, page 251:
    A nice sense of when to speak, if ever, to the person beside one is a good part of airplane manners, or jetiquette.
  • 1985 — Mark Muro, "Unfriendly Skies", Boston Globe, 13 October 1985:
    Call it the demise of "Jetiquette" if you want, but no matter: if Hanrahan's comments and those of a number of flight attendants and travelers suggest anything, it is that as deregulation labors through its seventh year thousands of Hanrahan's fellow air-travelers now believe civilization is foundering on the vinyl seats of the airlines. Increasingly, they report, airport waiting areas look like bus stations, airline passengers like the grim wanderers of subway tunnels.
  • 1995 — Alan Peppard, "Chucking the social life", The Dallas Morning News, 8 October 1995:
    Town & Country magazine continues its ongoing mission to bring enlightenment to the darker regions of the continent with its October story on jetiquette — that is, how we conduct ourselves when invited on someone's private jet.
  • 1999 — Bettijane Levine, "News, Trends, Gossip and Stuff To Do: Web Watch: Surf for the Very Best", Los Angeles Times, 12 September 1999:
    The couple has hired Alexandra Penney, former Self magazine editor in chief, to create original editorial content for the site, such as an upcoming story on "jetiquette"--the manners and mores of private jet travel.
  • 2002 — Jo Merrett, "The height of good manners", The Mirror, 9 August 2002:
    British Airways wants to make flying a more relaxing experience and has produced a good manners guide called Jetiquette.
  • 2006Caprice Crane, Stupid and Contagious, Warner Books (2006), ISBN 9780446551045, unnumbered page:
    There's a little thing I like to call "Jetiquette," the rules that govern appropriate behavior whilst flying on an airplane.
  • 2007 — Kitty Bean Yancey, "This flight attendant sees to your 'jetiquette' needs", USA Today, 24 November 2007:
    As the holiday travel season takes off, this self-described "ambassador of civilized travel" shares "jetiquette" tips with USA TODAY.
  • 2010Alexander Irvine, Iron Man 2, Grand Central Publishing (2010), ISBN 9780446564588, page 44:
    "That's bad jetiquette," Tony said. "Guests are not allowed to invite other guests."
  • 2010 — Pauline Webber, "My word, mind the gap year", The Australian, 22 May 2010:
    Whichever end we're at, we're encouraged to practice "jetiquette" on board.