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English citations of juice joint

  • 1946, Mezz Mezzrow and Bernard Wolfe, Really the Blues, Kensington (2001), ISBN 0-8065-1205-9:
    page 247: On the second floor was a King Kong speakeasy, []
    page 266: “You know that juice joint up on the second floor?” she said. She was talking about the King-Kong pad in Mike’s building.
  • a. 1962, Frank London Brown, "Singing Dinah's Song", in, 2009, Sascha Feinstein and David Rife, editors, The Jazz Fiction Anthology, Indiana, ISBN 9780253221377, page 85 [1]:
    Sometimes when I'm in some juice joint listening to Dinah Washington and trying to get myself together, [] .
  • 2002, John Ridley, A Conversation with the Mann, 2003 edition, ISBN 0446528366, page 192 [2]:
    How many ways are there for a drunk to die? How many ways are there for an addict to end his life? [] The mundane: Drunk falls down. Drunk bangs his head. [] The sensational: Dope fiend killed in hail of bullets as juice joint is raided by narcs.
  • 2003, Ellery David Nest, The Satyricon: The Morazla Scrolls, ISBN 1595263020, page 212 [3]:
    by this time we were all getting too drunk to even realize where we were going. We invaded every seedy tavern, haunted every hole-in-the-wall juice joint, even stooped to the level of the common street drunk and bought a drink from the back-street vendors that sold cheap booze they had brewed up in their shoes.