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English citations of jump

Noun: a button that causes a game character to jump[edit]

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  • 1997 December 4, Thomas Pitt <>, “Re: Help: SonicCD Doomsday zone”, in[1] (Usenet), message-ID <669jjp$abn$>:
Keep pressing jump fast and avoid the missiles coming at you. Fly into the middle of the robot to hit it. This will knock you back, but keep pressing jump and you will soon catch up again. Four hits ought to finish him off. Then sit back and enjoy the end sequence.
  • 2000 January 23, Dan Marchant <>, “Re: HELP gettin on the TRAM”, in[2] (Usenet), message-ID <86g0cb$ctl$>:
1. You need to step back from the cart because when you are close and try to jump forward you hit the edge of the cart which stops you. 2. You need to pull up your feet for extra height by pressing the crouch button AFTER you have pressed jump.
  • 2002 February 21, snark^ <>, “Re: Dream TR key layouts? [was Re: Use Of Mouse?]”, in[3] (Usenet), message-ID <>:
Tumbling or jumping would depend on the stance you'd have Lara in. If she's standing she'd jump as normal; pressing jump while crouched would cause her to roll; pressing jump + A/D while prone would make Lara roll left/right a few feet.
  • 2003 January 19, Steve <>, “Super Mario Sunshine - Overrated and challenging in all the wrong ways”, in[4] (Usenet), message-ID <>:
Jumping is just as difficult as it was in Mario 64. I'm not talking about how the moving camera can make controlling the jump impossible, I'm refering to the abundance of "alternate" -and useless- jumps that Mario can perform that always seem to be triggered unexpectedly. In the old days you pointed Mario in a direction and pressed jump. The faster you were running and the longer you held down the button determined how high Mario would jump. While in the air you were given a degree of freedom in controlling how he moved. These rules were completely trashed in Mario 64 and remain trashed in Sunshine.