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English citations of kawaiily

  • 1997 March 1, Mark Doherty <>, "[Ranma][FanFic] Love is Never Easy", message-ID <5f85hk$>, rec.arts.anime.creative, Usenet link:
    The girl narrowed her eyes as she saw Potion wave his challenge to her. "Jean-Pierre Michael Clavier!" she screamed out kawaiily. Presumably it was her battlecry, because she began to skate towards him, quickly gaining speed.
  • 1998 July 30, Vincent Tagle <>, "[GRIT][REPOST][LONG] Jason-kun In Birthday-land", message-ID <6pqd0v$>, rec.arts.anime.misc, Usenet link:
    Amy, kawaiily dressed in one of those playboy bunny suits.
  • 2002 January 9, Shawna-Chan X <>, "[OW!] Otaku War!s, Now with 50% less angst!", message-ID <>,, Usenet link:
    "Nee, Chris, he's not a jungle gym." Nic-Chan said gently, pulling him away.
    "Aww... But Chris like climb on girl's hair." Chibi-X said, pouting kawaiily.