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English citations of kine

1611 1740 1843
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  • 1611, The Holy Bible, [] (King James Version), London: [] Robert Barker, [], OCLC 964384981, Genesis 41:1–4, column 2:
    And it came to paſſe at the end of two ful yeeres, that Pharaoh dreamed: and beholde, hee ſtood by the riuer. And behold, there came vp out of the riuer ſeuen well fauoured kine, and fat fleſhed, and they fed in a medow. And behold, ſeuen other kine came vp after them out of the riuer, ill fauoured and leane fleſhed, and ſtood by the other kine, vpon the brinke of the riuer. And the ill fauoured and leane fleſhed kine, did eate vp the ſeuen well fauoured and fat kine: So Pharaoh awoke.
  • Giles Jacob (1740) The General Laws of Estates; or, Freeholder's Companion[1] (Law), pages 250:
    And whoever shall feed above one hundred and twenty shorn sheep for the most part of the year upon his grounds, which are several and apt for milch-kine, and not commonable, or above twenty oxen, heifers, or other kine, on his several pastures, and shall not for every sixty sheep, or ten cattle, keep one milch-cow, and rear up one calf, he shall forfeit 20 s. for every month it is neglected to be done.
  • 1843 Thomas Carlyle, Past and Present, book 2, ch. 4, Abbot Hugo
    How can a Lord Abbot, all stuck over with horse-leeches of this nature, front the world? He is fast losing his life-blood, and the Convent will be as one of Pharaoh's lean kine.