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English citations of kodak

noun: camera[edit]

  • 1908, Mina Benson Hubbard, A Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador:
    "Why shouldn't I come up here after dinner with my kodaks, and take some pictures while you men are making the portage?"
  • 1911, Jack London, The Cruise of the Snark, chapter 17:
    Charmian and Martin brought up the rear, armed with kodaks. We dived under the avocado trees [] and came on a spot that satisfied Martin's photographic eye.

noun: photograph[edit]

  • 1912, Anne Douglas Sedgwick, Tante, The Century Company, pages 189–190:
    Cheerfully and deliberately Gregory now proceeded to turn the pages of the kodak album [] .
    But in the midst of the Paris pictures she lifted her head and looked at him. [] "Enough," she said. She dismissed the kodaks with a tap of her fan.
  • 1920, Sinclair Lewis, Main Street, chapter 22:
    Carol's small town thinks not in hoss-swapping but in cheap motor cars, telephones, ready-made clothes, silos, alfalfa, kodaks, phonographs, leather-upholstered Morris chairs, [] .
  • 2004, David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas, page 321:
    Consult the kodaks taken at my arrest if you are curious.

noun: photograph: but clearly meaning a particular kind of photograph[edit]

  • 1913, Booth Tarkington, The Flirt, Doubleday, chapter 5, page 70:
    There were photographs everywhere—photographs framed and unframed; photographs large and photographs small, the fresh and the faded; tintypes, kodaks, "full lengths," "cabinets," groups—every type of photograph; []

transitive verb: photograph[edit]

  • 1910, Hallie Erminie Rives, The Kingdom of Slender Swords, Grosset & Dunlap, chapter 6, page 67:
    I know a girl in Yokohama who goes to every steamer and kodaks the smartest tourists.

unclear sense[edit]

  • 1938 November, Harriet Geithmann, "Child of the Mountains: The Water Ouzel", in Canadian Geographical Journal volume 17 number 5, The Canadian Geographical Society, page 243:
    In groups that changed from hour to hour, we studied them from every angle on the rocky banks, and also took their pictures with the movie camera and kodaks right and left.

Turkish citations of kodak

  • 2014, soc.culture.turkish
Erdoğan kodağı ticaretle uğraşıyor.
  • 1999, Atatürk Kültür, Dil ve Tarih Yüksek Kurumu, Sarıkamış'ta köy gezileri: halk kültürü alanında araştırma ve incelemeler
Kafile tarlanın sonuna vardığı zaman durdu; kodaklar yere atladı,
  • 1999, Bakış Basın Yayın Organizasyon Limited Şti., Haftaya bakış, 7. cilt,32-43. sayılar
Yapılan şerinin başını kocaları açtığında mutlu olan kodakları var