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English citations of lamaism, lamaist, and lamaistic

  • 1822, Malthe Conrad Bruun, Universal geography, or A description of all the parts of the world, volume II, page 630:
    The superstitions of Central Asia are divided into three principal branches, Shamanism, Braminism, and Lamaism. …
    The theogony of the Lamaists, on the contrary, …
  • ibid., page 632:
    Fischer gives a modern origin to the religious system which prevails in Thibet, or Dalaī-Lamaism; he finds in it a mixture of Buddism with the corrupted Christianity of the Nestorians.
  • 1911, October, article Hideous Masks Placate Thibetan Gods, in Popular Mechanics, page 559:
    Among the most grotesque forms of religious ceremony students give a prominent place to the festivals of the Lamaist church of Thibet … Lamaism is a corrupt form of Buddhism, states Dr. Sven Hedin, ...
  • 1984, Alan Dean Foster, Voyage to the City of the Dead, page 113:
    … he was damned if he was going to alter that relationship because of a sudden infatuation on her part for a race of pseudolamaistic anteaters with soulful eyes.