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English citations of leader

Lead wild animal[edit]

  • 1987, Sylvia A. Johnson; Alice Aamodt, Wolf Pack: Tracking Wolves in the Wild‎, page 41:
    The gesture of licking and nipping a leader's muzzle is similar to the food-begging behavior of wolf pups and may be related to it.

Lead domesticated animal[edit]

  • 1846, Julius Charles Hare, “On the Comforter's conviction of Righteousness”, in The mission of the Comforter, and other sermons with Notes:
    Still there are many passages in his [Donne's] writings, where it is plain that he forgot to pull in his leaders; and they gallop away with him at times over hill and dale, over ploughed land and waste.


  • 1852, D. Gilbert, “Geering”, in Appleton's dictionary of machines, mechanics, engine-work, and engineering‎, page 786:
    when two wheels geer together, the one which communicates the motion to the other is called the driver or leader; and the wheel impelled is the follower


  • 1975, David J. De Laubenfels, Mapping the world's vegetation: regionalization of formations and flora‎, page 82:
    A strong central leader may result in essentially horizontal branches resembling a "telephone pole."