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English citations of life of Reilly

    • 1930, Eugene O'Neill, letter to Eugene Sisko, in Travis Bogard, Jackson R. Bryer, eds. , 1988, Selected Letters of Eugene O'Neill, page 367
      I wanted that to get around to counteract the bunk that I was over here living the life of Reilly in a château and racing cars, […].
    • 1936, Henry Miller, Black Spring, page 126
      The old man's leading the life of Reilly. He and his bosom pals. And I'm walking up and down, turning green with hate and envy.
    • 1940, William Carlos Williams, In the Money, page 54
      "And I've been loafing ever since, living the life of Reilly."
    • 1950, Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles, page 231
      "Honest, I've led the life of Reilly since everything exploded. I never liked my folks, they were fools. They left for Earth two months ago."
    • 2002, Larry O’Connor, Tip of the Iceberg,[1] University of Georgia Press, ISBN 0-8203-2356-X, page 100,
      “Being a bush pilot,” he said, finally, smiling broadly, “is the life of Reilly.”
    • 2005, Alice Valdal, The Man for Her,[2] Zebra Books, ISBN 0-8217-7836-6, page 69,
      “[…] Then I’ll move to New York City and live the life of Reilly. You’ll not catch me working my life away on a farm.”
    • 2006, Ed Bowater, Money Is the Route,[3] self-published via Athena Press, ISBN 1-84401-772-9, pages 32–33,
      What these halfwits don’t stop to ask themselves, he would often think to himself, is what they actually need any more money for. They already have the life of Reilly, living it up every weekend, hardly wanting for anything, changing their mobile phones – not to mention their partners – as frequently as some of them bother to change their underwear.