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English citations of lotional


  • 1917, Chemical Abstracts XI, page 2,599:
    Brassolat, diaseptal, iodoform-acetone, jubarol, lotional, neoquinine.
  • 1918, Year Book of the American Pharmaceutical Association V, page 128:
    Lotional. — A greaseless ointment described by Dr. Theodore Sachs, of Frankfort, as being a combination of zinc oxide and aluminium acetate forming a paste consisting of zinc oxide and aluminium hydroxide […]


  • 2001, Bruce Andrews, Lip Service, “Primum Mobile 5”, page 358:
    […] identifiable copulative pores, lotional ratio […]
  • 2003, Norbert Lange, “Controlled Drug Delivery in Photodynamic Therapy and Fluorescence-Based Diagnosis of Cancer”, article 16 in Handbook of Biomedical Fluorescence, ed. Mary-Ann Mycek and ‎Brian W. Pogue, →ISBN, page 612:
    In their study, the optimal delivery vehicle for the acid was a lotional formulation with 10% DMSO (wt/wt) containing 150 mg/mL of ALA, whereas for h-ALA a 30% (wt/wt) cream gave the best results.
  • 2011, John Vonhof, Fixing Your Feet: Prevention and Treatments for Athletes, page 119:
    Ultrarunner Robert Boeder used Andrew Lovy’s formula (see next page) on his feet in 1994 when he completed the Grand Slam of trail ultrarunning, running four 100-mile runs in 14 weeks. Robert comments, “The idea is that these lotional charms will have the desired magical effect and blisters will not arise from my feet during the race.”