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English citations of lunatic fringe

  • 1913, Roosevelt, Theodore, Theodore Roosevelt — An Autobiography, ch. VII, page 211:
    Among the wise and high-minded people who in self-respecting and genuine fashion strive earnestly for peace, there are the foolish fanatics always to be found in such a movement and always discrediting it — the men who form the lunatic fringe in all reform movements.
  • 1924 April 30, “Germany's "Lunatic Fringe"”, in The New York Times[1], ISSN 0362-4331:
    Germany provides for her "lunatic fringe" in politics better than we do.
  • 1944 October 5, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Radio Address from the White House:
    • This form of fear propaganda is not new among rabble rousers and fomenters of class hatred—who seek to destroy democracy itself. It was used by Mussolini's black shirts and by Hitler's brown shirts. It has been used before in this country by the silver shirts and others on the lunatic fringe.
  • 1952 October 18, Harry S. Truman, Address at the Eastern Parkway Arena in Brooklyn, New York:
    • It is because the propaganda of the extreme reactionaries, and of the lunatic fringe on the right—the lunatic fringe that the candidate wants to keep in his unified Republican Party—includes the same elements of disruption and distrust as the propaganda of the Communists.
  • 1979 February 8, Gribbin, John, “IFOs”, in New Scientist, ISSN 0262-4079, page 400:
    If these objects are not weather balloons, if the observers are honest, if there are intelligent beings on board, if they do have awesome powers unknown to man and if they wish us no harm but want to teach us peacefully how to progress to a more civilised state, then why do they only reveal themselves to the lunatic fringe?
  • 1980 June 1, Thornley, Kelly W., “5th edition introduction”, in Principia Discordia, 5th edition, →ISBN, OL 8610854M:
    If organized religion is the opium of the masses, then disorganized religion is the marijuana of the lunatic fringe.
  • 1984 September 17, Iyer, Pico, “Return of a Prodigal Province”, in Time[2], ISSN 0040-781X:
    In 1970 a lunatic fringe agitating for Quebec's secession from Canada murdered a Cabinet minister, kidnaped a British diplomat, and set off so many explosions, both verbal and physical, that Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act, Canada's equivalent of martial law.
  • 1992 June 26, Lessing, Doris, “Language and the Lunatic Fringe”, in The New York Times[3], ISSN 0362-4331:
    The trouble is that, with all popular movements, the lunatic fringe so quickly ceases to be a fringe, the tail begins to wag the dog.
  • 1995 October 9, Reed, Sandy, quoting Jean-Louis Gassée, “Gassee's dual-processor BeBox challenges passe PCs”, in Infoworld, volume 18, number 41, ISSN 0199-6649:
    The way to find what the mainstream will do tomorrow is to associate with the lunatic fringe today.
  • 2008 April 28, Huffington, Arianna, Right Is Wrong: How the Lunatic Fringe Hijacked America, Shredded the Constitution, and Made Us All Less Safe, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, →ISBN, OL 24218432M, page 3:
    I'm talking about the takeover of the Republican Party by its own lunatic fringe, and the Right's hijacking of America.
  • 2009 December 24, Krugman, Paul, “Tidings of Comfort”, in The New York Times[4], ISSN 0362-4331:
    First, there’s the crazy right, the tea party and death panel people — a lunatic fringe that is no longer a fringe but has moved into the heart of the Republican Party.
  • 2011 December 28, McQuaid, Joseph W., “Joseph W. McQuaid: Ron Paul is truly dangerous”, in New Hampshire Union Leader[5], ISSN 0745-5798:
    Never mind Paul being the favored candidate of the lunatic fringe (see white supremacists, anti-Semites, truthers, etc.).