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English citations of mamarazzi and Mamarazzi

Noun: "a female photographer of celebrities"[edit]

  • 1992, Steve Allen, Murder in Vegas[1], ISBN 0821738445, page 384:
    Not only were there paparazzi, there were even a few mamarazzi, plus a small crowd of gawking fans, lookie-loos, and rubber-neckers,…
  • 1993, David A. Rudnitsky, Men Who Hate Themselves and the Women Who Agree With Them[2], ISBN 1561712760, page 155:
    After this incident, Cheri found that her notoriety had grown to such a point that she was being followed around everywhere by paparazzi, and in some cases, mamarazzi.
  • 2007 July 23, John Calibos, “You Think the Paparazzi Are Bad? THE MAMARAZZI ARE WORSE!”, in Weekly World News[3], volume 28, number 47, ISSN 0199-574X:
    Dozens of other stars have had similar experiences with insidious female photographers whom they have nicknamed the ‘mamarazzi.’

Noun: "a mother who takes many pictures of her child"[edit]

  • 2004, J. Michael Krivyanski, Family Illustrated: An Instant Replay Of Family Humor[4], ISBN 0595335802, page 11:
    I must admit that my wife and I gave into the urge to photographically record every detail of our new daughter's existence. We were quickly turning into your basic “Paparazzi” and “Mamarazzi.”
  • 2009, David Javerbaum, Mike Loew, What to Expect When You're Expected: A Fetus's Guide to the First Three Trimesters[5], ISBN 0385526474, page 118:
    But the paparazzi (and mamarazzi) are on to you now. At a candid moment they're likely to crowd around right next to you and shine a flashlight in your face.
  • 2010, David Valdes Greenwood, The Rhinestone Sisterhood: A Journey Through Small-Town America, One Tiara at a Time[6], ISBN 0307465276, page 267:
    The Top 15 now stand onstage side by side as camera-wielding Mamarazzi jockey for the best sightlines and sixty-nine girls take their seats for the rest of the pageant—not seventy-one, for at least two newly relieved contestants won't be staying.