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English citations of memedom

Noun: "the state or quality of being a meme"[edit]

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  • 2009, Joshua Errett, "The Jackson five", Now (Toronto), Volume 28, Number 44, 29 June - 6 July 2009:
    And now, a week after his death, the quirkier side of the Internet is coming forward: the best Jackson lyrics about pets, the top 10 Jackson outfits, the best Jackson moonwalks. And onward to memedom.
  • 2010, Martin Jay, "Dialectic of Counter-Enlightenment: The Frankfurt School as Scapegoat of the Lunatic Fringe", Salmagundi, Issue 168/169, Fall 2010:
    Although the process was foreshadowed in the 1960's when Herbert Marcuse became the media's favorite "guru" of the New Left and was often portrayed in simple-minded terms, it wasn't really until a decade or so ago that the School as a whole entered the netherworld of garbled memedom, and began circulating in a wide variety of narratives, such as that promoted by Estulin and Castro.
  • 2011, Bruce Handy, "I Solved the Santa Theorem! Your Move, Nobel Committee", Vanity Fair, 23 December 2011:
    Anyway, I’ve tasted immortality, or at least memedom, and yes, Virginia, I like it.
  • 2012, Esther Zuckerman, "Why Ryan Gosling Should Never Be the 'Sexiest Man Alive'", The Atlantic Wire, 14 November 2012:
    But Gosling, in his memedom, is too much of an underdog hero to become People's "sexiest man." While Gosling actually seems kind of bland in real life save for his put-upon Brando accent and his nobility on the streets of New York, on the Internet he's a feminist, a lawyer, even a typographer.
  • 2013, Marc Hogan, "Watch Kanye West Announce Impending Fatherhood Onstage in Atlantic City", Spin, 2 January 2013:
    Ever since Kanye West and Taylor Swift fatefully crossed paths during the MTV Video Music Awards a few years ago, that moment's instant memedom has obscured an intriguing similarity between the two artists.
  • 2013, Larry Mizell Jr., "Blu, E-40, Jim Jones, Watsky, James Blake", The Stranger, 17 April 2013:
    Opening up is amazing LA rapper (who's no stranger to meme­dom himself) Dumbfoundead and Seattle's pop-EDM movers/shakers the Flavr Blue.

Noun: "the world of memes"[edit]

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  • 2007, Jenna Wortham, "Famous Internet Memes to Gather at ROFLCon 2008", Wired, 7 December 2007:
    In celebration of all the treasured gems that are internet memedom, a group of Harvard folks are throwing what’s bound to blow up into the the biggest nerdfest outside of a Star Trek Convention.
  • 2012, Katherine Boyle, "Peeps Show VI: Power to the Peeps", The Washington Post, 28 March 2012:
    An inventive joke born of Internet memedom.
  • 2012, Samantha Rollins, "The 11 best memes of 2012 ", The Week, 29 December 2012:
    GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has one of his top aides to thank for uttering the words that would secure his place in memedom.