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English citations of minah

    • 2007, muneera, “Malays Guys Prefer To Date Chinese Girls”, in All Things Singapore[1], retrieved 2018-10-22:
      actually eh…this minah subject is very touchy. u can’t say a girl is minah because she, for examples, dyes her hair, or plucks off alll of her eyebrows off and redraw it, or that she smokes/drinks or that she’s so-called uneducated (this one VERY controversial). cuz we actually have decent girls who dye their hair, or smokes. it’s a bad habit but it shouldn’t be a deciding factor that she’s unattractive or she’s automatically a minah. EVERY mly girl has the ability to be a minah at any one point in her life.
    • 2013 December 13, May Seah, “Siti K joins The Noose”, in Today Online[2], retrieved 2018-10-22:
      lt’s just a matter of what kind of a minah you are. Are you, like, a ‘minah-minah office’ or are you a ‘minah-minah factory’ or are you a ‘minah-minah Geylang’? There are different types of minahs. As long as you are born a Malay girl, you are a minah. Some girls might be angry but this is how I feel.
    • 2014 June 7, Lai Tuck Chong, “Growing Up In Kampung Sungei Cina Marsiling (I) - The story of Mr Abdul Gani”, in Singapore Memory Project[3], retrieved 2018-10-22:
      Mr Gani would later marry a minah (lady) from Toa Payoh; his friend Russo found his love in Whampoa.
    • 2015 April 14, Khairunisa Rusli, “Giving Meaning to the Kebaya - What happens when the kebaya is worn with jeans?”, in Warisan.Sg[4], retrieved 2018-10-22:
      It’s probably because the minahs like to wear like that, so people would generally associate girls who wear kebaya top and jeans, with minahs as well’.
    • 2017 October 23, Michelle Ng, “3INA: The Affordable Beauty Brand That Is Everything You Ever Wanted”, in Nylon Singapore[5], retrieved 2018-10-22:
      The British brand, which is pronounced MEE-NAH, has finally landed in Singapore, and we’re already super excited just browsing their website. And even though their name sounds like ‘minah’, our slang for attractive Malay girls, 3INA is actually inspired by the word ‘mina’, Argentinean slang for ‘beautiful girl’.