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English citations of misremember



1641 1750 1792 1801 1821 1823 1856 1935 1979 1994 2008
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  1. To remember incorrectly.
    • 1641 April 21, Lord George Digby, "Delivery to the House of Commons on the Bill of Attainder againts Stratford,"
      "...that he, who twice upon oath, with time of recollection, could not remember anything of such a business, might well, a third time, misremember somewhat;..."
    • 1750 Ralph Griffiths, "The Monthly Review,"
      "His name, if I do not misremember, was Peter Otsequot."
    • 1792 Massachusetts Historical Society, "Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society,"
      "I must inform you that you were yesterday unanimously chosen Paymaster General, with the pay of 100 Dollars per month, if I do not misremember." (p.94)
    • 1801 Jonathan Swift, "The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D., Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin," Oxford,
      "I have been assured...if I misremember not." (p.33)
    • 1821 December 11, Thomas Jefferson, "Letter to John Cabel Breckenridge,"
      "I may misremember indifferent circumstances, but can be right in substance. "
    • 1823 John Locke, "The Works of John Locke,"
      "If I misremember not, your hypothesis pretends the use of force to be not barely to make men give an ear, nor yet to consider..." (p.499)
    • 1856 Nathaniel Hawthorne, "Passages from the English Note-Books," Houghton Mifflin,
      "I looked here and there for the old Bell Inn, because, unless I misremember, Fielding brings Tom Jones to this inn..." (p.307-8)
    • 1935 Alfred Emanuel Smith, "New Outlook," page 453
      "Whether men utterly forget their own boyhood or simply misremember it..."
    • 1979 George W. S. Bailey, "Privacy and the Mental," Rodopi, page 116
      "Since one may misremember, such beliefs can be mistaken."
    • 1994 David Morrell, "Blood Oath," McMillan, page 17
      "Did the military screw things up, or did you simply misremember?"
    • 2008 February 13, Ronald Blum and Howard Fendrich, "Clemens Takes His Lumps on Capitol Hill" [1], Associated Press,
      "Andy Pettitte is my friend. He was my friend before this. He will be my friend after this and again. I think Andy has misheard," Clemens said. "I think he misremembers."