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English citations of motherfunker

Noun: "(euphemistic, slang, sometimes pejorative) motherfucker"[edit]

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  • 1993, Mark Coleman, "In Yo' Face: The History of Funk", Vibe, September 1993:
    (If Rhino follows up with Volumes 6 through 10, extending up through 1982 and Dazz Band's "Let It Whip," those sets should be absolute motherfunkers.)
  • 2003, Christopher R. Weingarten, Chopped Zombie Fungus review, CMJ New Music Monthly, May 2003:
    Like a blood-curdling Autechre for the death-metal set, or Russell Haswell for the disconauts, Miami's Von Schirach is one scary motherfunker.
  • 2004, Josh Tyrangiel, "OutKast", Time, 26 April 2004:
    From the initial weirdness of their songs about space aliens to B.O.B. (Bombs over Baghdad), their millennial drum-and-bass gospel opus, they have proved that it's possible to be unusual, ambitious and immensely popular. In their own words, "We are/ The coolest motherfunkers on the planet."
  • 2005, Lewis Grossberger, Turn that Down!: A Hysterical History of Rock, Roll, Pop, Soul, Punk, Funk, Rap, Grunge, Motown, Metal, Disco, Techno & Other Forms of Musical Aggression Over the Ages, Emmis Books (2005), ISBN 9781578602155, page 186:
    These musicians would sit around at home resting until the phone rang and the voice of George Clinton was heard, saying: "Get the funk down here, motherfunker."
  • 2005, Joe Gross, To Tha X-Streme review, "Ten Best Albums You Didn't Hear", Spin, January 2005:
    Some players stress over their game, but Houston's Devin the Dude is one slack motherfunker, worrying only about weed, women, and…uh, what was the question?
  • 2005, Julianne Shepherd, Voodoo review, "100 Greatest Albums 1985-2005", Spin, July 2005:
    With drums by the Roots' ?uestlove and Redman, D'Angelo out-suaved that other sexy motherfunker, the newly Prince-again Prince, lighting a fire under the burgeoning neo-soul movement.
  • 2008, Albert Del Toral, "The Funker (Ain't No Clunker)", in Home Sweet Home, iUniverse (2008), ISBN 9780595513017, page 54:
    If there's ever been a motherfunker,
    Who'd beat down any top-ranked punk,