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English citations of motherhumper

Noun: "(euphemistic, slang, usually pejorative) motherfucker"[edit]

1969 1971 1973 1975 1976 1981 1988 1990 1993 1994 1999 2000 2001 2004 2006 2009
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  • 1969 — Cecil Brown, The Live and Loves of Mr. Jiveass Nigger, Frog Books (2008), →ISBN, page 199:
    The motherhumpers who were wrong, stupid, vulgar, shallow, wrong, wrong, wrong, mothersucking bastards always had it.
  • 1971 — Daniel N. Fader, The Naked Children, Macmillan (1971), page 89:
    "You know what he said as well as I do. He called you a motherhumper and his last word after you warned him was shit."
  • 1973 — William Turner Huggett, Body Count, G. P. Putnam's Sons (1973), page 182:
    "Ahh, eat it, motherhumpers."
  • 1975 — Jerry Kamstra, The Frisco Kid, Harper & Row Limited (1975), →ISBN, page 67:
    "Whatchou motherhumpers doin'?" Kell said.
  • 1976 — Charles Durden, No Bugles, No Drums, The Viking Press (1976), →ISBN, page 95:
    But this motherhumper had feet long as my legs. His boots had to be special made. He was at least six-eight, []
  • 1981 — Stephen King, Cujo, Viking Press (1981), →ISBN, page 73:
    [] I mean, if people don't chain up a dog that bites, they deserve what they get, you know? That thing . . . did you see it? I bet that motherhumper went two hundred pounds."
  • 1988 — Michael Bishop, Unicorn Mountain, Arbor House (1988), →ISBN, page 261:
    On the other hand, driving those kar'tajans onto the road and having that motherhumper of an elk bugle them back again had been a stroke of strategic genius — if only there had been a real threat to counter — and DeWayne had to admire Coldpony pulling it off.
  • 1990 — E. Michael Helms, The Proud Bastards: One Marine's Journey from Parris Island through the Hell of Vietnam, Pocket Star Books (1990), →ISBN, page 143:
    First time I've seen a Huey up close. Looks a lot bigger than I thought it would be. No M-60s, no rocket pods. Shit, this thing's practically stripped. Looks almost harmless from here. Not like they do when they're working Charlie over. One bad motherhumper, then.
  • 1993 — Ben Bova, Empire Builders, Tor Books (1995), →ISBN, page 182:
    "Okay. I guess you really do know the old motherhumper. []
  • 1993 — William Shatner, Tek Secret, Ace/Putnam (1993), →ISBN, page 142:
    "I'll bet you that redheaded motherhumper is behind this."
  • 1994 — Jerome Washington, Iron House: Stories from the Yard, QED Press (1994), →ISBN, page 51:
    Lobo, a bad motherhumper outta Biloxi, planted an icepick in turner's skull and stood by the body until the guards came to drag him away.
  • 1999 — Thom Jones, Sonny Liston Was a Friend of Mine: Stories, Back Bay Books (2009), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
    I believed I was the meanest motherhumper in all of Vietnam.
  • 2000 — J. F. Freedman, Above the Law, Dutton (2000), →ISBN, page 148:
    "If I thought one of ours did this, I'd draw and quarter the motherhumper personally. []
  • 2000 — James Patterson, Roses Are Red, Little, Brown (2000), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
    [] Motherhumper is trying to get away from us. Imagine that."
  • 2001 — James Ellroy, The Cold Six Thousand, Knopf (2001), →ISBN, page 395:
    [] By my lights, he's a mean motherhumper. Probably gargles with antifreeze and flosses with razor blades."
  • 2004 — Charlie Huston, Caught Stealing, Ballantine Books (2004), →ISBN, page 111:
    —"Can't really drink." Hear that? Motherhumper was in here falling off his stool other night. Now he can't drink.
  • 2006 — Gil Schwartz, "Anger Management", Men's Health, July 2006:
    "I'll sue the motherhumper!" says the chairman, although maybe not with those exact words.
  • 2009 — Nina Bruhns, Shoot to Thrill, Berkley Sensation (2009), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
    "Get your fucking hands off me, you goddamn motherhumpers," he growled.
  • 2009 — Roxanne St. Claire, Hunt Her Down, Pocket Star (2009), →ISBN, page 191:
    "I faced badder motherhumpers than you in prison."