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English citations of mule

Noun: "(gaming) a character on an MMORPG used mainly to store extra inventory of the owner's primary character"[edit]

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  • 2003 — Andrew Rollings & Ernest Adams, Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams on Game Design, New Riders Publishing (2003), ISBN 9781592730018, page 526:
    You might as well include this feature because if you don't, the players will create a second character that they never play with, known in MMORPG parlance as a "mule," to hold their primary avatar's things for them.
  • 2004 — R. V. Kelly, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games: The People, The Addiction and the Playing Experience, McFarland & Company (2004), ISBN 9780786419159, page 39:
    First, I took a full set of my best armor off one of my mules along with some Crystal Swords.
  • 2007 — David L. McClard, Verotopia Online: The MMORPG of the Century, Xlibris (2007), ISBN 9781425772895, page 89:
    He was in the middle of organizing his massive stash of rare and exquisite bounty, all kept safely in the inventory cache of a mule, an entirely separate character which he paid a monthly fee to maintain exclusively for that purpose.
  • 2009 — Eli Kosminsky, "Finding Adam Smith in Azeroth", in World of Warcraft and Philosophy: Wrath of the Philosopher King (eds. Luke Cuddy & John Nordlinger), Open Court Publishing (2009), ISBN 9780812696738, unnumbered page:
    Goods in both worlds also take up "physical" space to a certain extent, in that (ignoring mules in WoW) a player must allocate space to keep track of his or her belongings.