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English citations of mushroomoid


  • 1980, Peter E. Saunders, Tribal visions: catalogue of an exhibition of village and nomad carpets from Marin County private collections at Indian Valley Colleges, Novao, California, from December 18, 1980, to January 12, 1981,
    The exact form of the indented central panel is also unique, although it bears a distant relation to those pieces with mushroomoid indentations on the vertical axis.
  • 1987, Inter-noise, the proceedings of the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering and the Acoustical Society of America, page 1099:
    In X-ray examination, cystoid degeneration (41.4%), mushroomoid degeneration (35. 4%), and deformtive osteoarthritis were frequently detected; []
  • 2003 September 25 (air date), QI, series 1, episode 4, circa 1 minute and 30 seconds in:
    Stephen Fry: Right, so I'm going straight on to the first question, which is, in fact, very easy. So, fingers on those mushroomoid buzzers, please: What is the main ingredient of air?


  • 2009 May 8 (recording date), QI, series 7 (G series), episode 2, within the first three minutes:
    Stephen Fry: And because he doesn't actually have a built-in mushroomoid, John goes []