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English citations of nakabandi

  • 1975, Punjab Legislature, Legislative Assembly, Debates: Official report[1]:
    This House further recommends that special cells be set up so that wherever there is such Nakabandi and Boycott they reach the spot and apprehend the accused.
  • 1999, T. J. Byres, Karin Kapadia & Jens Lerche, Rural labour relations in India[2], page 234:
    Similarly, the dominant landowners' answer to strikes, naka bandi, hits all lower caste members irrespective of class. Naka bandi is the total ban on any trespassing by labouring communities on the landowners' land, in effect stopping the lower castes from collecting fodder and even from having a place to defecate.
  • 2003, Pawan K. Singla, British administration in Punjab 1897-1919 and its reaction[3]:
    Boat-patrolling was done and the system of checking patrolling in cities and towns by means of docks was very useful. In some districts, where crime was particularly ripe, the system of patrolling known as nakabandi or []
  • 2009, Harinder Baweja, 26/11 Mumbai attacked[4]:
    Literally translated, naka bandi means closing a part of the road. The police place removable barriers across part of the road forcing []