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English citations of nanu-nanu, nanu nanu, and na-nu na-nu


  • 1978 September 14, Robin Williams as Mork, “Pilot”, in Mork & Mindy, season 1, episode 1, , 7:32:
    I am Mork, from Ork. Nanu-nanu.
  • 1982 November/December, C. Robert Nelms (letter), “Worth Retelling: Orkan handshake”, in Scouting, ISSN 0036-9500, page 14:
    He reached out his hand to duplicate the gesture of the older Cub Scout and said, very confidently, "Nanu-Nanu."
  • 1997 September 10, Willetts, Anna, quoting a vegan, “'Bacon sandwiches got the better of me': Meat-eating and vegetarianism in South-East London”, in Pat Caplan, editor, Food, Health and Identity, London: Psychology Press, ISBN 9780415156806, OL 1011322M, page 121:
    Vegan's got a kind of nanu-nanu sound about it. It sounds like you come from a different planet
  • 2005 October 11, Larry the Cable Guy, Git-R-Done, Crown, ISBN 9780307237422, OL 9710821M, page 237:
    It was by far the funniest thing I've seen since my half-retarded cousin stood in line at the first Star Wars premiere dressed up in his Captain Kirk outfit, screaming, "Nanu Nanu."
  • 2008 September 17, Simmons, L. E., The Lady of Gold (SnapDragon Adventures 1), First edition,, ISBN 9780557006380, LCCN 2008908645, OL 25416797M, page 200:
    She looked at the speechless cat-girls goggling at her in slack-jacked disbelief and raised her right hand, spreading her fingers apart in a Vulcan "V" gesture. "May the Force be with you," she said. "Na-nu, na-nu."


  • 1978 September 14, Robin Williams and Ralph James as Mork and Orson, “Pilot”, in Mork & Mindy, season 1, episode 1, , 1:54:
    Mork: (tugging earlobes) Nanu-nanu.
    Orson: (tugging earlobes) Nanu-nanu.
  • 1979, Bon Scott, Angus Young, Malcolm Young (music), “Night Prowler”, in Highway to Hell, performed by AC/DC:
    (Shazbot, nanu-nanu)
  • 2001 October 1, Matthews, Becky, “The Roswell Incident: Fiftieth Anniversary Sell-Abration”, in Francis Edward Abernethy, editor, 2001: A Texas Folklore Odyssey, University of North Texas Press, ISBN 9781574411409, LCCN 2001046146, OL 8741378M, page 98:
    So until the next UFO encounter—nanu-nanu, peace and long life, and may the force be with you.
  • 2004 August 24, Lethem, Jonathan, The Fortress of Solitude, New York: Vintage Contemporaries, ISBN 9780375724886, OL 24376321M, page 218:
    The science-fiction tram on pulleys which dangled beside the span of the Fifty-ninth Street Bridge and which Tim and Gabe rode to school and home together every day stood nicely for their resolute and impenetrable best-frienditude: they were freaks beamed daily to the island of Manhattan from their own subordinate, moonlike isle, no wonder they spoke a private language, nanu-nanu, live long and prosper.