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English citations of near-field

Area close to a sound source[edit]

T. G. Leighton (1997) The Acoustic Bubble, →ISBN, page 503: “A needle hydrophone was used to take measurements of the near-field generated in a 15 cm x 15 cm x 30 cm long water tank [...]”
Peter F. Sale (2006) Coral Reef Fishes: Dynamics and Diversity in a Complex Ecosystem, →ISBN, page 130: “Although the near-field has little importance in air, its importance to fishes is due to the relative noncompressibilty of water.”
Philip Newell (2011) Recording Studio Design, →ISBN, page 381: “This depends on wavelength, so the extent of the near-field is frequency and source-size dependent.”

Area close to an RF source[edit]

Satoshi Kawata (2001) Near-Field Optics and Surface Plasmon Polaritons, →ISBN, page 17: “This means that the evanescent field exists only in the near-field of the surface of the structure, so that it is not detected by ordinary far-field diffraction-limited optics.”
NATO Scientific Affairs Division (2004) Nonlinear Waves: Classical And Quantum Aspects, →ISBN, page 324: “Knowledge of the near-field is very important for many applications and especially for consideration of non-linear optical properties of the structure if the non-linearity of the metal itself or a thing non-linear material film deposited on the surface should be taken into account.”
Kenneth Kihm (2011) Near-Field Characterization of Micro/Nano-Scaled Fluid Flow, Springer, →ISBN, page 20:

Nevertheless, the errors associated with this reference point location are expected to be small in comparison to other uncertainties, and the ratiometric TIRM imaging analysis can provide quantitative information on particle locations in the near-field within a few hundred nanometers (a mere 1% of the diameter of a human hair) of the solid wall.