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English citations of newfag

Noun: "(Internet, slang, derogatory) a n00b; an inexperienced member of the 4chan community (or any other online community)"[edit]

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  • 2005 March 20, Patrick, “Re: Legislators convening today to pass a bill to allow terri to live”, in alt.recovery.catholicism, Usenet[1]:
    You need to pay closer attention to detail, newfag.
  • 2008 February 24, Funky Donny [username], “Re: To the Sea Org kids”, in alt.religion.scientology, Usenet[2]:
    Mattheus, dear newfag, if you had even *started* debating this you'd have addressed the salient points I made to you yesterday.
  • 2008 July 11, Onideus Mad Hatter [username], “BTW Lego Newfag”, in, Usenet[3]:
    Oh, also, using Outhouse Express...yeah, really shows off what a Usenet newfag you are, just a lil FYI for ya. You might wanna try XNews or Agent or any *REAL* news browser (not a mail client with some sloppily added extras).
  • 2009 March 28, darthmark [username], “Re: I Love 1997 [was: Is Usenet Dying? Or anime?]”, in rec.arts.anime.misc, Usenet[4]:
    I got branded a newfag by some of the asshat old-timers.
  • 2011 — David Thorne, The Internet is a Playground: Irreverent Correspondences of an Evil Online Genius, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin (2011), ISBN 9781101513774, unnumbered page:
    All I could work out is that I am apparently a "newfag" and cannot “triforce” but am unsure as to why I would need to triforce in the first place.
  • 2011 — Cole Stryker, Epic Win for Anonymous: How 4chan's Army Conquered the Web, The Overlook Press (2011), ISBN 9781590207383, unnumbered pages:
    Many veteran users bemoaned that the newfags were only interested in trolling, and cared not for meme creation and ultranerdy culture.
  • 2012 — Parmy Olson, We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous, and the Global Cyber Insurgency, Little, Brown and Company (2012), ISBN 9780316213530, unnumbered page:
    With Scientology, participants agreed it was worth getting the newfags on board to create an army and spread the word to the other Internet image boards, also known as "chans."