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English citations of obnosis

Certain Scientology citations[edit]

  • 1965, the Board of Inquiry into Scientology (of the State of Victoria, Australia), “Report of the Board of Inquiry into Scientology Unverified”, page 47:
    Hubbard's propensity for neologisms, or new words, which he coins is not without its significance, for such a propensity is common in the schizophrenic. A person so afflicted condenses words and thoughts by running together a number of items into a single item. Hubbard has invented a number of new words to convey the burden of his teachings, such as "mest," which stands for matter, energy, space, and time, and is used to describe those things of the finite universe such as the mest body, and other things which are sometimes just "mest" ; "obnosis" which is a condensation of "observing" and "the obvious" ; "anaten" which means "analytical attenuation" ; "preclear," the state of a person before he is "clear" ; "randomity," "ded," "dedex," "denyer" meaning one who denies, and many others.
  • 1971, Sir John Foster, Enquiry into the Practice and Effects of Scientology (the Foster Report), chapter 2, page 18:
    This consists in part of neologisms like "engram", "thetan", or "obnosis", and in part of the use of existing words in the language in senses other than those of common usage: e.g. "button", "facsimile", "overt" or "squirrel".
  • 1970 B. Robert Ross, A Parent's Guide to the Teaching of Reading: A Compilation of Old and New Methods of Teaching and a New View of the Reading Process: [1] Upstat Pub. Co.
    "Obnosis must be used at every moment to determine the best next step with any student."
  • 1984, Howard D. Schomer, testimony, in State of California Case Mary C. Hubbard No. C420153:Unverified
    It is something, if you are sort of intelligent, you can sort of by obnosis find out.
  • 1991 November 23, “FAF” (pseudonym), “Introduction to NLP (Neurolistic Programming) Not durably archived” (essay):
    A basic skill in NLP is Sensory Acuity. That translates quite well into Obnosis. It is the observation of what people are really doing, what their indicators are, and what that tells us about their state of mind.
  • 2005 October 13, Dana Stevens, “Silent Night? Holy Crap!: Tom and Katie's Scary Scientology Birth Plan Unknown archival status” in Slate:
    Giving birth hurts; that's evident to any Operating Thetan through simple obnosis.
  • 2006 February 23, Janet Reitman, “Inside Scientology: Unlocking the complex code of America's most mysterious religion”, Rolling Stone Unknown archival status:
    Hubbard created Scientology's language to be unique to its members. It includes words that are interpretations, or variations, of standard terms: "isness," for example, which Scientology's glossaries say, in essence, means "reality." But there are also words that are wholly made up, such as "obnosis," which means "observation of the obvious."

Possible Scientology citations[edit]