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English citations of outgreen

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surpass environmentally
  • 1990, Zach Schiller, "P&G Tries Hauling Itself Out of America's Trash Heap", Business Week (April 23, 1990), Environment, page 101:
    P&G is steering clear of exaggerated claims. Indeed, it has campaigned against "biodegradable" products, many of which don't break down in landfills. "We're not trying to outgreen everyone with advertising slogans," says Viney.
  • 1997, Gene Swimmer, How Ottawa Spends, 1997-98: Seeing Red, a Liberal Report Card‎, page 202:
    In last year's How Ottawa Spends, one of us argued that the Red Book chapter represented the Liberals' effort to "outgreen the Tories."
  • 1998, Dennis Lock, The Gower Handbook of Management‎, page 211:
    Political parties scramble to ‘outgreen’ their rivals in a bid to retain or win the support of electorates. Few of the environmental issues which arouse concern are new.
  • 1999, John Tierney, "Martian chronicle; plans for manned exploration of planet Mars", Reason (February 1, 1999), volume 30, no. 9, page 24:
    It was a lovely moment, a developer outgreening environmentalists by nobly espousing the largest real estate project in history, and it illustrated why Mars is a no-lose proposition for libertarians.
  • 2007, Russ Finley, Grist Magazine [1]:
    Get people trying to 'outgreen' each other and watch the shit hit the fan.
  • 2008, Thomas Friedman, Hot, Flat, and Crowded, page 328:
    In 2005, David Yassky, a New York City Council member, sat down with one of his supporters, a technology entrepreneur, to brainstorm about how New York could make itself more livable, and outgreen competing cities, by making New York’s taxi fleet less toxic.