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English citations of oversky and over-sky


  • 1894 May, O'Halloran, G. B., “A Shabby, Shy Man”, in The Gentleman's Magazine, volume 276, F. Jefferies, Chapter II, page 438:
    There were two or three threads of cloud lying low on the horizon, and although the blue of the oversky was clear of all such, yet it seemed to be tarnished with a plague of greyness.
  • 1908, A. and E. Keary, Heroes of Asgard, OL 7101837M, page 17:
    Once was the age / When all was not — / No sand, nor sea, / No salt waves, / No earth was found, / Nor over-skies / But yawning precipice / And nowhere grass.
  • 1908, Clegg, Thomas Bailey, The Bishop's Scapegoat, J. Lane, OL 23522327M, ch. VIII, page 83:
    Soon the stone-capped hilltops mellowed into a harmony of colour against the deepening blue of the over-sky.
  • 1971, Webb, Phyllis, “To Friends Who Have Also Considered Suicide”, in Selected Poems, 1954-1965[1], Talonbooks, OL 17520251M, page 104:
    [] and this is “life” and we owe at least this much contemplation to our Western fact: to Rise, Decline, Fall, to futility and larks, to the bright crustaceans of the oversky.
  • 2001 September 1, Robinson, Derek, “Watching Myself Write”, in Still in the Dream Time, Victoria: Ekstasis Editions, ↑ISBN, OL 3618921M, page 36:
    Suddenly a spider at the centre of its web / Orchestrates / The capture of another / Trophy from the oversky.
  • 2002, Chapman, Stepan, “State Secrets of Aphasia”, in Forrest Aguirre, Jeff VanderMeer, editors, Leviathan Three: Libri Quosdam Ad Sciéntiam, Álios Ad Insaniam Deduxére, Ministry of Whimsy Press, ↑ISBN, OL 8723993M, page 68:
    The cloud continent was surrounded by two vast oceans of air, the oversky and the undersky.


  • 1989, Virgo, Seán, “Deathwatch on Skidegate Narrows”, in Selected Poems, Exile Editions, ↑ISBN, OL OL25409378M, page 117:
    Power / A black stone, / a woodpecker's head, / fragments from / undersea / oversky / inside skin / outside time