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English citations of pandiculate

1880 1893 1909 2002
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  • 1880, Tandy L. Dix, The Healthy Infant: A Treatise on the Healthy Procreation of the Human Race, page 82:
    ... we must pandiculate or stretch, in order to restore the equipoise of these two sets of muscles.
  • 1893, Dr. Hoskins, "Osteo-Porosis Discussion", The Journal of Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Archives, January 1893, page 404:
    ... and one of the earliest symptoms that I have noticed in a great number of cases is, that when you pandiculate them they show a great tenderness,
  • a. 1909, Frederick William Rolfe, Don Renato: An Ideal Content, page 26:
    Moreover, the intellect of the said examples being equal to their pulchritude, they relax, they pandiculate their members, they rest their bodies,
  • 2002, Steven Sherrill, The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break, page 151:
    Rick shifts in his seat. "If I don't eat soon I may have to pandiculate," he says.
  • 2009 October, Frans de Waal, “Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Connect”, in Discover[1]:
    I once attended a lecture on involuntary pandiculation (the medical term for stretching and yawning) with slides of horses, lions, and monkeys—and soon the entire audience was pandiculating.