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English citations of phœnomenon

Edit-find-replace.svg The accuracy of these quotations could not be confirmed.
The below quotations tagged with (unconfirmed) were taken from scanned texts using character-recognition software that frequently confuses <æ> and <œ>. If you have access to these texts in a form that allows you to confirm which character was used, please remove the tag, or move the citations to Citations:phænomenon, as appropriate.
  • (unconfirmed)
    (Can we date this quote?) The Russian prophecy, a poem, occasioned by a remarkable phœnomenon in the heavens, observed in Russia, February 19, 1785, Peter Cunningham:
  • (unconfirmed) 1788: Stone eater: Wonderful and extraordinary phœnomenon, main title
    Stone eater: Wonderful and extraordinary phœnomenon
  • (unconfirmed) 1846: Thomas Reid, The works of Thomas Reid, with selections from his unpublished letters
    It does not discover the efficient cause of any phœnomenon in nature.