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English citations of pibble

Noun: "(informal, affectionate) a pit bull terrier"

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ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 2013, Arin Greenwood, "One Million Pibble March: Rebecca Corry, Founder Of ‘Stand Up For Pits,’ Plans March On Washington", The Huffington Post, 16 May 2013:
    If you are one of those whose lives has been changed by a pibble, you probably already know what a pibble is. In case you aren’t: it’s an affectionate term for pit bulls, []
  • 2014, "Local Events", The Barking Cat, February 2014, page 11:
    Pit Bull Awareness Campaign of Arizona [] would like to offer you an opportunity to get some sloppy pibble kisses.
  • 2015, "Suffield Veterinary Hospital September 2015 Patient of the Month", The Suffield Observer, September 2015, page 17:
    She has made my life so much more fun, and nothing is better than coming home to a wiggly, excited 'pibble'.
  • 2015, Elizabeth Medora, "Posey: The Little Pibble That Can", The Foothills Focus, 7 October 2015, page 10:
    In many ways, one-year-old Posey is just an average "pibble."
  • 2016, Modern Dog, Spring 2016, pages 100-101:
    I have no idea, she's a "pibble," she's a mutt, she's an awesome dog!
  • 2017, "Adopt me!", Inlander, 23 November 2017, page 93:
    Meet Jax! He is a sweet, wiggly pibble.
  • 2018, "Cover Model 411", Spot Magazine, June/July 2018, page 23:
    My family includes an older sister named Brooklyn (she's a pibble too) []
  • 2018, "Rescues Pack," Spokane Exchange, 29 November - 5 December 2018, page 19:
    With the Estrogen[sic] leaving her system and the pibbles off in their adoptive homes, we set to working with [mother dog] Merry.
  • 2019, Suzanne Allard, "Liz Makes a Comeback," 4 Legs & a Tail, Winter 2019, pages 8-9:
    Our Liz jumps with all her feet off the floor when we spell w- a- l- k, now with that pibble smile ear to ear.